GALATEA’s Call for services: the Blue Growth Accelerator supports 8 SMEs in the development of their innovative projects

In parallel to the 1st Call for Vouchers, GALATEA Blue Growth Accelerator gives SMEs the opportunity to apply for a Call for services divided into 4 modules:

  • Service#1: Business model elaboration: support on business model assessment to ensure proper planning set, alignment with market requirement and conditions etc;
  • Service#2: Technology expertise: Support on technology potential for given markets;
  • Service#3: Internationalisation: Support on international diffusion of beneficiary/solution to develop new business, to participate in matchmaking sessions and implement actions to maximise collaborations;
  • Service#4: Funding opportunities: Support on exploring funding opportunities suitable to the SMEs’ mission and needs and on developing and submitting proposals to funding schemes.

Designed as a personalised coaching service provided by the digital, maritime and aerospace experts of the 8 GALATEA partners, the objective is to support SMEs in the development of their activities and innovative projects in the blue economy sectors.

Following the first cut-off date (31st of March 2021), 8 SMEs from 3 European countries have been selected and will benefit from tailored services via the GALATEA Blue Growth Accelerator:

  • A.S. Prote Maritime Ltd benefits from a business model for elaboration, technological expertise, international and funding opportunities services provided by experts of CORALLIA.

The SME was founded in 2013 in Cyprus and its branch in Athens, with the sole purpose of providing armed and unarmed security services onboard vessels and onshore facilities. From 2017, the SME’s activities have expanded, to the use of new digital technologies, primarily but not exclusively, in merchant shipping, as a) 2D/3D mapping surveillance; b)Aerial inspection (optical/thermal); c) Marine remote sensing applications; d) Environmental monitoring; e) Geographical Information Systems (GIS) applications; f) Virtual Reality applications.

  • AzurIA benefits from a technological expertise service provided by the experts of Pôle Mer Méditerranée and a business model elaboration service provided by the experts of Aerospace Valley.

The SME develops customised solution of embedded Artificial Intelligence optimised in cost and performances to the customer needs thanks to a system approach, from the database generation (including multi-spectral images), the processing algorithm, to the deployment chip. This transversal technological expertise is already applied to several fields (e.g. space, defence, and environment). The SME is willing to enter the maritime sector and position its technological solution on the blue economy market.

  • BGEO benefits from a business model elaboration service provided by the experts of EURECAT and Catalan Water Partnership (CWP).

The SME is mainly focused on consulting, implementation, and training of open-source solutions related to GIS. It provides support and empowers companies, administrations, and organizations in the acquisition of their own technological sovereignty both locally, nationally, and internationally. Its services also include those related to urban planning, the environmental management, and all kinds of engineering actions.

  • Everimpact benefits from a funding opportunities service from the experts of Aeospace Valley.

The SME is an IoT software company providing a Climate Dashboard with accurate measurements and analysis of carbon emissions based on satellite & ground data. It also provides services to certify and sell emission reductions on the carbon market. Its management team previously created 2 successful satellite agencies at the United Nations (UNOSAT & CLIMSAT).

  • HelioRec benefits from a funding opportunities service from the experts of Aeospace Valley.

The SME is a cleantech industrial start-up focusing on the generation of clean electricity from a cutting-edge floating solar technology. They develop, manufacture and install floating solar power plants in the most cost and eco-efficient way. Recently HelioRec received a Label from Solar Impulse Foundation, a pilot project in difficult meteorological conditions (wind speed more than 90km/h and waves 0.5m.) was successfully installed and technology was patented.

  • iKnowHow benefits from a business model elaboration and funding opportunities services provided by the experts of CORALLIA.

The SME was founded in 2002 in Athens is a Greek SME of around 100 employees that provides custom-built robotics and automation solutions to the industry and software solutions to the public and private sectors. During 2016, IKH acquired Innora, a highly innovative robotics and industrial automation company, transforming into a one-stop-shop when it comes to robotics, embedded systems, AI, ML and computer vision combined into data-driven intelligence. iKnowHow’s core competencies span across 3 distinct business units: a) Digital Health, b) Digital Transformation and c) Robotics, IoT and Automation.

  • SEAREBBEL benefits from a business model elaboration, technological expertise, international and funding opportunities services provided by the experts of EURECAT.

The SME is mainly focused on the digitalization of recreational boats industry creating simple and innovative actuators, which allows them to offer an autopilot with advanced functions through artificial intelligence algorithms that provide greater safety, comfort in navigation the average of boat owners market.


  • SOTREM SEO benefits from technology expertise, internationalisation and funding opportunities services from the experts of Aerospace Valley.

The SME has specialized in studies and electronic production. The company’s technical center is made up of 10 employees, engineers and technicians, specializing in system design, electronic card development, electrical schematics and mechanical design. For many years, the design office has been studying systems for the aeronautics, aerospace, defense and even agriculture sectors. Among the references in these sectors, SOTREM SEO has developed on-board systems for airships, test platforms for AIRBUS or even automatic coupling systems for tractors. Lately SOTREM SEO has launched into the maritime sector through the development of access control systems and smart terminals for the distribution of energy for marinas.


Couldn’t submit your project to the first call for services? The GALATEA submission platform will remain open until September 2022 for services applications to be evaluated and provided by our experts.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on our website and social media for latest news on the projects.



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