Entrepreneurship and innovation support toolbox

Technical and financial supports are provided by the GALATEAproject team to selected SMEs to develop their projects.

High impact projects led by SMEs (individually or in groups) will be directly supported through expertise and services provided by the participating clusters and/ or through a voucher scheme which will allow to beneficiaries to finance the development of an idea/ project. Three categories of solutions are concerned:

Improvement of existing technologies, services or goods;
New services or goods;
Improved production processes in particular with the scope of replacing/reducing the use of consumable resources (water, energy etc…) by the use/purchase of a service (aerospace, ICT, etc…).

The beneficiaries of the support actions are SMEs, as defined by the European Commission, located in the regions of the participating clusters as presented in the partners web page of website:

Cluster / agencies Country Expertise area(s) Region(s)
AEROSPACE VALLEY France Aerospace Nouvelle Aquitaine and Occitanie
BSSC Poland Sea & Space Poland
CORALLIA Greece Microelectronic / Space Whole country
CATALAN WATER PARTNERSHIP (CWP) Spain Sustainable use of water Catalonia
CLUJ IT CLUSTER Romania Information technology Romania
EUROCAT - Technology Centre of Catalonia Spain Information and Comunication Technologies Catalonia
POLE MER MEDITERRANEE France Blue Growth Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur and Occitanie
MLC ITS EUSKADI Spain Port Logistic Basque Country

Coaching and mentoring services provided by the Cluster Partners

Coaching and mentoring services operated by the GALATEAcluster partners will consist of a first step for assessing and redirecting these new cross-sectoral and/or cross-borders innovative projects, and of days to days monitoring and awareness of the innovative project development. Incubation, Business model, Funding opportunities, IPR management, and Internationalization are the main thematic covered.