GALATEA Innovation Support Mechanism: the 2nd Call for Vouchers is closed!

GALATEA Blue Growth Accelerator’s aim is to develop new industrial value chains by integrating digital and aerospace technologies in the maritime sector. In that purpose, GALATEA partners launched a second open call for vouchers allowing for up to 60k€ of direct financing of innovative projects developed by SMEs. Projects had to target one of the 22 identified challenges of the four key Blue Growth domains: Smart Port, Smart Ship, Smart Shipyard and Maritime Surveillance.

 This second and last call for vouchers closed on December 8th 2021. The GALATEA consortium partners and associated experts now have a few intense weeks of joint evaluation to select the funded projects. The results will be announced in February 2022 and supported projects are expected to begin in March 2022.

 A total of 74 applications were received from 169 SMEs.

Applications are distributed as follows: 15 for the Development and Technology Transfer voucher, 51 for the Prototyping voucher and 8 for the Large Scale Demonstrator voucher.

As for the four Blue Growth domains, applications are distributed as follows: 40 applicants are targeting the Smart Port domain, 39 applications for Maritime Surveillance domain, 27 applications for Smart Ship domain and 14 applications for Smart Shipyard domain.

In terms of country participation and across the GALATEA territorial scope, a total of 70 French SMEs, 44 Spanish SMEs, 17 Greek SMEs, 17 Romanian SMEs and 16 Polish SMEs have applied to the GALATEA second open call for voucher.

In addition, the GALATEA innovation support mechanism implements a Call for Services, offering individual coaching services to SMEs. Provided by experts from the 7 ICT/Aerospace/ Maritime clusters and 1 Research and Technology organisation forming the GALATEA consortium. These services are:

  • Business model elaboration: support on the business model elaboration;
  • Technological expertise: support on technology potential for given markets;
  • Internationalisation: support on international diffusion of beneficiary and solution;
  • Funding opportunities: support in finding adapted funding opportunities and proposal submission.

The GALATEA Call for Services online submission platform will remain open until September 30th 2022. Applications will be evaluated by our experts within one month after submission.

Visit our dedicated webpage to consult all necessary documents related to the Call for services and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for more information on the Call for Voucher’s projects.

Our team is available for any additional information: