Progress of the 1st Call for Vouchers: ABAMS & CORAL

The 1st GALATEA Blue Growth Accelerator Call for voucher granted 24 innovative SMEs from 5 European countries, with a total number of 14 funded projects. This call aimed to support the development of innovative cross-sectoral and cross-border technologies, services or products addressing the 22 challenges identified in 4 key Blue Growth domains: Smart Port, Smart Ship, Smart Shipyard and Maritime Surveillance.

Here is a summary of each project, depending on the Voucher type: Development and technology transfer projects (already finished) and Prototyping and Large-scale demonstrator projects (on-going)


Prototyping and Large-scale demonstrator projects



Brief description

ABAMS (Acceleration of Blockchain Adoption in the Maritime Sector) is an international collaboration between (Poland) and GS Data (Romania) working on implementation of the prototype that is industry and technology-agnostic. The technology will be validated in maritime logistics and transport automation software.

Aims of the project

The Polish and Romanian companies aim to boost adoption of blockchain technology in the Maritime sector.

Progress to date provides blockchain-based data notarization technology ready for seamless integration into existing IT infrastructures, which speeds up blockchain adoption across various industries. In the proposed project, it is offered an easy to implement, cheap and efficient solution that will improve the security of documentation flow and accelerate its digitization. It is aim to build a complete prototype to prove that blockchain can be implemented seamlessly into any existing IT infrastructure and thus, show the potential of DLT to the Maritime sector.

By addressing the main obstacles holding the Maritime organizations from blockchain implementation, it will significantly influence the speed of popularization of this technology and release the potential to address the Blue Growth objectives.



Brief description

CORAL provides a comprehensive solution for small and medium ports that enables them to digitize their data management, become more environmentally friendly, and optimize vessel management.

This on-going project is lead by the spanish Bgeo Open Gis S.L., the polish SeaData Sp z-o.o. and the french Water Robotics SAS (France).

Aims of the project

The offered platform serves as a single information point for the whole port. It contains three features:

  • Data hub – an online, interactive system for data storage and management, including satellite data, meteorological observations and various measurements.
  • Water and air pollution monitoring with aerial and water drones – to generate 3D data about pollution and ground/water based stations/buyos that will continuously monitor the environment.
  • Dock/vessel management application.

Progress to date

Most of the packages will be finished by the end of May (giving the time for testing in June) however some tasks are already highly advanced, e.g.: the demo version of dock management tool is ready for testing water drones with additional sensors are undergoing last tests and soon will be dispatched to demonstration sites.

There are plans for cooperation after CORAL, as they already see that there is an interest in our solution. Furthermore, they observe that there is a lot of interest in water quality monitoring and monitoring of coastal areas in general. Therefore in the future they plan to make it the main focus of CORAL consortium


This has been a review of the 1st Call for Vouchers Prototyping and Large-scale demonstrator projects. We will inform you about new news soon. Meanwhile, keep an eye on our website and social media for latest news on the projects.




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