Progress of the 1st Call for Vouchers projects: DTA4IP & SafeSea360

The 1st GALATEA Blue Growth Accelerator Call for voucher granted 24 innovative SMEs from 5 European countries, with a total number of 14 funded projects. This call aimed to support the development of innovative cross-sectoral and cross-border technologies, services or products addressing the 22 challenges identified in 4 key Blue Growth domains: Smart Port, Smart Ship, Smart Shipyard and Maritime Surveillance.

Here is a summary of each project, depending on the Voucher type: Development and technology transfer projects (already finished) and Prototyping and Large-scale demonstrator projects (on-going).


Prototyping and Large-scale demonstrator projects



Brief description

DTA4IP is a cloud platform focused on intralogistics assets. It is aimed at gaining efficiency in the end user processes where the intralogistics machinery (cranes, forklifts…) play a critical role, like the Port and Logistic industry.


Aims of the project

DTA4IP will represent a huge step forward for Izurun Technology in its product portfolio development for the intralogistics assets in port and logistic sector, more concretely in material handling equipment maintenance, where the concept will be tested in relevant scenarios in real cases provided by a field maintenance expert of these equipment: Dioghenis International SRL.

The vertical areas of the project are as follows:

  • Asset monitoring / IoT with sensors.
  • Advanced condition-based maintenance management
  • Research on data analytics and advanced methodologies for remaining useful life calculation.

Progress to date

DTA4IP project is a real challenge, as different technologies and their interoperabilities are being tested by combining them into a single platform. The results so far are encouraging them to keep up with it.

With this project, Izurun is targeting to increase their service portfolio in the industry and consolidate their leading position as service leader of intralogistics assets in Romania and international markets.



Brief description

SafeSea360 is a 360º Surveillance and Crisis Management collaborative platform that allows different actors to have real-time situational awareness of diverse emergency and SAR situations, supported by existing data sources and by a multi-drone platform plus a long-endurance glider. This on-going project is led by the Spanish NUUK Technologies and the French Interdrones Services.


Aims of the project

The sources will provide video, audio, sensor and imaging in real-time to the platform allowing an agile visualization of situational awareness to all involved stakeholders without the need to deploy additional crisis room HW.

Even though the platform enables different possibilities of use cases, SafeSea360 shall apply it in the following use cases: fire at a port hangar, rescue at sea, oil spill close to a port.


Progress to date

SafeSea360 project is progressing at a good path since they have been able to validate an end-to-end link in real-time between a drone and different stakeholder’s using the software platform in the cloud. Now, challenges are focused on the escalation to 4 different vehicles and 1 firefighter helmet while preparing the 3 use cases with Port Authorities


 This has been a review of the 1st Call for Vouchers Prototyping and Large-scale demonstrator projects. We will inform you about new news soon. Meanwhile, keep an eye on our website and social media for latest news on the projects.





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