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Targeting four main domains of Blue Growth having a high potential in terms of smart and sustainable growth: Smart Port, Smart Ship, Smart Shipyard, Maritime Surveillance.


Development of new cross-sectoral and cross-border industrial value-chains, supporting innovative SMEs and facilitated by clusters, to foster the development of Blue Growth key industries in Europe to be competitive at the global level.

GALATEA phases

GALATEA proposes a three-step methodology for supporting SME’s innovation projects, allowing for the redistribution of at least 75% of the budget directly to SMEs.


The project brings together the expertise of 7 ICT, Aerospace and Maritime clusters, 1 research and technology organisation.

8 Partners from 5 EU countries
more than
Total budget is 3.6 million euros
Redistributed directly to high impact projects led by SMEs
Project duration

GALATEA Accelerator

Four main axes of GALATEA

Smart Ship

Sensors. Automated / autonomous vessels. Alternative fuels. Hybrid propulsion. Augmented and virtual realities. Big data. Early warning systems. Digital twins. Autonomous vehicles.

Smart Port

Blockchain. Artificial intelligence. Virtual reality. DLT - Distributed Ledger Technologies. Drones. Autonomous vehicles. Automating. IoT - Internet of Things.

Smart Shipyard

3D printing. 3D modeling software. Digital twins. Reverse engineering. Non-contaminating paints. Robotics. Data managment. IoT - Internet of Things. Precision positioning.

Maritime Surveillance

Surveillance systems. Data managment. Optical or optronic cameras. Radar technologies. Earth observation. EGNOS. Drones. DLT - Distributed Ledger Technologies. Cyber ​​security.


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The project brings together the expertise of 7 ICT, Aerospace and Maritime clusters and 1 research and technology organisation.