At a glance

GALATEA stands for “Grow and AcceLerate your smArt projecTs in nEw value chAins of the European Blue Economy”

Targeting four main domains of Blue Growth having a high potential in terms of smart and sustainable growth:

Smart Ship

Sensors. Automated / autonomous vessels. Alternative fuels. Hybrid propulsion. Augmented and virtual realities. Big data. Early warning systems. Digital twins. Autonomous vehicles.

Smart Port

Blockchain. Artificial intelligence. Virtual reality. DLT - Distributed Ledger Technologies. Drones. Autonomous vehicles. Automating. IoT - Internet of Things.

Smart Shipyard

3D printing. 3D modeling software. Digital twins. Reverse engineering. Non-contaminating paints. Robotics. Data managment. IoT - Internet of Things. Precision positioning.

Maritime Surveillance

Surveillance systems. Data managment. Optical or optronic cameras. Radar technologies. Earth observation. EGNOS. Drones. DLT - Distributed Ledger Technologies. Cyber ​​security.

GALATEA will also tackle 3 horizontal dimensions of paramount importance for these four domains and corresponding to EU priorities

Digital transition:

Digitalisation transforms the maritime sector and provides many new opportunities to enhance the productivity, competitiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the four targeted domains.

Ecological transition:

The European 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth focuses on climate change and energy sustainability by describing the 20/20/20 goals: greenhouse gas emissions 20% lower than 1990 levels, 20% of energy coming from renewable, 20% increase in energy efficiency.

Circular economy:

Maximizing the reusability of products and raw materials and avoiding destroying valuable materials is necessary for seaports, places of active trade and exchanges with many companies operating in close proximity to each other.