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All public project deliverables already sent to the European Commission are presented in the following section.
D3.2 – Tools for data collection
D2.1 – Innovation support mechanisms
D1.1 – training of cluster managers
D4.5 – Design of dissemination and communication materials
D4.6 – Project website & social media
D4.4 – Project branding pack
D4.1 – Dissemination & communication plan
D3.1 – Methodology for monitoring
D1.2 – Survey
This section contains all communication materials related to the GALATEA project.
GALATEA Newsletter#2 June 2021
GALATEA webinar presentation
GALATEA Newsletter#1 January 2021

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1st Innovation Support Call results are out!
1st Innovation Support Call Open!
GALATEA identifies the challenges to be supported by the Blue Growth accelerator
GALATEA supports SMEs innovative projects in the Blue Growth Economy